Canadian Construction Procurement

It is the ultimate goal of this course to provide procurement professionals with the guidance and best practices to design a well-balanced procurement plan and strategy reducing risks and managing your construction projects.

Without a well-designed procurement strategy, construction projects will go ahead carrying excessive risks in engineering, construction, procurement, maintenance and contractually. Project outcomes from the lack of appropriate procurement strategies are far more susceptible to deliver outcomes with financial losses and/or projects delivered late or to a lower quality than expected.

Technology for Procurement Professionals

This course is designed to provide you with an excellent overview of emerging technology in procurement. It will teach you how you can implement the best practices of managing and adopting new systems to make your procurement organization more efficient. Understanding the impact of technology will help procurement to stay ahead of the curve in our rapidly changing profession.

Professional Services

This course is designed for Procurement Executives, Procurement/Sourcing Managers, Specialists, Buyers and Contracting Managers that are active in sourcing professional services.

Procurement organizations that can implement new technology are benefitting from faster order cycle times, higher process efficiencies, larger bottom-line savings and lower overall costs. This workshop provides lessons learned from the procurement of service providers and how to take advantage of new technology for managing these providers. The true potential of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) technology lies in enabling the strategy, the processes and the procurement organization.

The practical understanding of the procurement process and how to onboard new service providers, manage them and transition them out of your organization will allow your organization to adapt to change and manage this process.