Performance Management is one of the most effective investments a company can make.

By evaluating the performance of companies that you do business with, and then communicating the evaluation results with them, both companies can avoid actual and potential challenges and work together to save everyone both time and money.

Review and Benchmarking

 will enable you to avoid potential challenges

Performance Management is often a time consuming, paper-heavy and inconsistent venture that is put on the sidelines in the day-to-day working environment. QCsolver makes it easy to conduct objective evaluations and provides automatic result calculations that can be consolidated to allow for proper benchmarking. With these results you can effectively communicate with your Suppliers to strengthen your business relationships.

Highlights of QCsolver’s VPM module 

Evaluations can be completed by both internal and external Evaluators.

Ease of use

Customized performance evaluation templates are created so you only evaluate factors that impact your company.

Objective Evaluation

Standard questions will help you evaluate multiple companies at once, or compare a single company’s performance history.

Visual comparison

Visually review completed evaluations side-by-side to aid in Executive decision making.