Launch of Connector 2.0

New functionality enables users to discover supply chain occupations that match their skills

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council recently launched “Connector 2.0,” an expansion of the Connector Skills-Matching Tool introduced in 2015. Connector provides assessments of supply chain knowledge and essential skills, customized learning plans and activities, links to information about education and training available across Canada, and now, with its new features, a list of jobs for which the user’s current skills and education qualify him or her.

TransferAbility, the tool’s new addition, enables users to consider a range of options for a potential career move within the supply chain or from another sector. It facilitates the transfer of skills for those in transition—the unemployed, underemployed and newcomers to Canada—by evaluating the user’s skills and knowledge in relation to the 48 occupations for which the Council has written occupational standards.

While the original Connector tool indicates whether or not a person is qualified for a particular supply chain occupation—and, if not, how to become qualified—the TransferAbility addition shows the user other options to look at, occupations for which they are currently qualified.

Another new feature is TransferAbility’s résumé writer. Data fed into the program by the user about his or her education, certifications and work experience is the information that populates the résumé. Updates are easy to make and are automatically added to the résumé.

As a whole, Connector is useful to employers, job seekers, including newcomers to Canada, and career counsellors, anyone in fact who could benefit from the tool’s ability to match individuals, with their unique combinations of education, experience and skills, to occupations and educational opportunities in the supply chain.



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