This is the most powerful supply chain word that I know. This year QCsolver is celebrating […]
What is important for one group may not be as important for the the other group. […]
This is the first of my two part post and I enjoy sharing insights that I […]
The one that I use the most is DEPTH. If you struggle in getting your point […]
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I enjoy discovering more about people and learn by watching by their expressions. I thought this […]
A comment from me is not needed. A comment from you would be appreciated.
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This is the busiest visual that I have ever posted. When doing a presentation or telling […]
I am not sure why this is called propaganda. To me it sounds a lot like […]
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Here is another visual from Dr. David Weiss. We are about to entire another period of […]
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I just love this matrix. It helps me remind myself of work that I have done […]