This year we are getting one more day which as a percentage is very very low. […]
Not every platform is created equally. How does yours feel? Maybe it is time for a […]
I tend to talk to a lot of people who are either between jobs or looking […]
This isn’t a trick question. It would seem that there are a few people who are […]
His name is Efrata Denny and in this issue of Enabling Supply Chain Volume 2 Issue […]
When I make a mistake, I want the whole world to know it. My gift is […]
You can do so much more with the help of others. For any of you who […]
There is a buzz around sustainability and there are a few pioneers and others are only […]
If you have travelled the 401 lately in Milton you will see an endless parade of […]
For me, it is to take a look at what the Procurement League has posted. If […]
Want to make a difference? Looking to showcase your talents? Then stop being a processor of […]
Today’s contribution is from Efrata Denny. The last post I did that mentioned Efrata had over […]
Tom Mills has done it again. This document is just what you need to make better […]
My weakest subject in University was accounting and I for some reason struggled. Thankfully there are […]
I enjoy seeing an animated picture that helps to explain concepts that might be difficult to […]