This visual is if you genuinely believe in supplier development. The person I admire the most […]
2023 may be the year of the ERP refresh. I thought I would help by showcasing […]
I do tend to like the absurd. I don’t really beleive that everyone is into instant […]
This is another Myers Briggs Type indicator chart that helps you learn a bit more about […]
I am indeed fortunate to be able to figure out the best way to use Linkedin. […]
I try to ensure that my posts are both amusing with a bit of learning. If, […]
This is a very busy chart. It shows the different strategy options at your disposal. Imagine […]
We all have them. Mind traps that stop us from overcoming challenges. Take a look and […]
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Would someone do me a favor? I would like to see a similar visual that can […]
Peter’s laws are a refreshing way to look at life.
It would seem that this is an area that needs a little bit more attention. The […]
I have been told that I am. Using this wheel, I know that I have worked […]