I cringe when I hear this expression. Thankfully, I heard a different expression that I try […]
This is such a small and almost an insignificant number. In fact, if we still had […]
When I was growing up, the expression too many cooks spoils the broth was very common. […]
I love acronyms. This is one that I heard in the early 80s. It stood for […]
I know you have your own sayings that you use and that are almost your own […]
The course that I loved to teach the most was “How to deal with difficult people”. […]
This is for those that are trying to implement a new ERP system. Or maybe you […]
When is the best time to find a job? The answer is easy. The best time […]
I get a lot of questions every day. Some are the same but said by different […]
People often comment on my name. They find it amusing and I still enjoy that they […]
I just love quotes that I heard growing up. You know the ones that stick with […]
I saw this image the other day and was wondering how many of us do the […]
The biggest fallacy out there is the sunk cost bias. Which means that you have invested […]
One author I enjoyed was Zig Ziglar. His focus was on sales but I think it […]