I have been very fortunate to have gained a lot of followers over the last few […]
Yesterday, I was talking about Bingo. And now I have this great visualization by A.T. Kearney. […]
Everything that you end up buying needs to be compared to something else. This is one […]
I do tend to do a lot of coaching and mentoring, and the common question is, […]
In fact, I do so much research that I have multiple folders based on the topic. […]
This is a common expression used, but it may not be known by those who are […]
This one-pager is from www.teamhood.com. It is easy to visualize. At QCsolver.com, we started to use […]
I enjoy the way that https://sketchplanations.com/ explains certain concepts. When I first got involved in supply […]
I posted this information and only got a few views, and then I started to think […]
Why does it take so long to make a decision? There are indeed synergies when forming […]
Year after year the topic of gaining insights into the proper way to negotiate comes up […]
LinkedIn, for me, is a place where I can tell a story. It is a location […]
Here is an excellent summary from the Procurement League on the topic. If you are in supply chain […]
This content is courtesy of Artin Vaqari. Interesting that the content was created in 2012 and some […]
Ravi Nishant created this humorous look at the wonderful world of supply chain. If you enjoy a […]