Every week our team at QCsolver does brainstorming sessions. We aren’t worried about creating “new” solutions. […]
Finding out what you don’t know by making the request formal versus simply talking to various […]
I just finished 5 days of posting and sharing information I thought you would enjoy. Based […]
I am doing my best to show and convince others that spending time learning how to […]
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I was away with some friends and sitting down, not thinking of anything in particular. One […]
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We took the plunge and hired 2 IT Developer Interns today. They are in the Co-op […]
The total cost of ownership is often overlooked. Purchases are sometimes made at the lowest cost, […]
There is a lot of talk about changes coming soon regarding Ontario government purchasing. This isn’t […]
The term is Ikigai, and it is Japanese. Like everyone else, I am looking for what […]
I couldn’t find an image that was easier to read, but the concept and showing the […]