Have you ever walked into a room and wondered what you were looking for. Has someone […]
This content is courtesy of Artin Vaqari. Interesting that the content was created in 2012 and some […]
What I want to be is different. A blend of a lot of interests and knowledge […]
I am the most complex person when it comes to buying me anything. I believe I […]
The data might be old, yet; the challenges are the same. What do you need to […]
If you are Canadian then you have heard of the expression going down the rabbit hole. […]
Stimulation, proper diet, switching routines, avoid substances and learning are the tools that I use. Which […]
Sometimes people take on too much. Their mental health suffers and their performance weakens. Please do […]
First of all, I wish to congratulate all the recent professionals that just got their supply […]
I can easily predict that the trend is going to increase. I just can’t tell you […]
A long time ago, I was a demand planner with IBM Canada. My job was to […]
Since May 15, I have been doing a lot of travelling and I can stop for […]
Here is a nice visual from McKinsey & Company which explain which procurement roles are needed […]
I get one question a lot. Which skill or body of knowledge should I learn. The […]