It would seem that much more attention is being paid to this area. I then found […]
It does not matter if what you are getting is excellent if it doesn’t arrive on […]
Several people post some excellent material, and I do what I can to promote their content. […]
This is another of the presentations that I created in order to get people to think […]
Thanks to the Procurement League for this excellent visual. I have always thought that there should always be […]
I saw this visual and started to wonder. What is happening? Supply Chain is now more […]
What I am missing is the name of the person that created this document. This document […]
???? is taking over and there is nothing you can do about it. The first time […]
Another of my creations that I thought I would share. The information was created a while […]
What I have discovered is that unfortunately, most organizations don’t have adequate category management. The ERP […]
I do enjoy visuals that get you thinking.
To post this visual on what might be the only hot month in Canada.
I thought that this post was timely. Happy Canada Day to everyone who calls our country […]