I heard one of my colleagues call me this. I wasn’t sure if it was a […]
So much has and will change over the next couple of years. If you are stuck […]
Here is another great visual from Idar Nouti as sourced from sipmm.edu.sg. The idea is to […]
There is a lot of services that companies use where they outsource certain job functions. I […]
I have been predicting that there is going to be a shortage of labour for some […]
You don’t always have to leave where you are and start your own business. Maybe all […]
Sometimes I just like to post a visually stunning picture from a great source. http://ow.ly/u0nM50KS6gJ
Dustin Lanier liked this post and so do I. Excellent and thought provoking isn’t it.
A few weeks ago, I was meeting with someone I have known for a while. Two […]
If you are Canadian then you have heard of the expression going down the rabbit hole. […]
Take a look at this list and see if you recognize any of these behaviors in […]
The answer by the way is 7. Seven steps to consider what you are currently doing […]
The trick is to use open ended questions. Never allow the person to simply say yes […]
This is from a Gartner report that I found a few weeks ago. For me I […]
Stimulation, proper diet, switching routines, avoid substances and learning are the tools that I use. Which […]