A few weeks ago, I was meeting with someone I have known for a while. Two of his staff retired and the work load has also increased. I was conducting a discovery session with him to determine how I might help.

It seemed at first that he had systems and procedures in place. Yet there were still gaps and pain points.

We are going to have another meeting and see how we might be able to combine the information from various sources and use QCsolver as a “control tower” or “dashboard”.

I do plan on doing a lot more discovery sessions to see which nuggets that I might be missing. For instance, perhaps you have full control when it comes to large contracts and projects. Maybe in a somewhat decentralized environment you would like to have a bit more control over the departmental self monitored transactions.

QCsolver includes vendor onboarding and management, performance monitoring, trained staff to assist and automated online services.

In fact, our mobile application will allow your various sites to quickly determine which authorized vendors/contractors they should be using.

If you are interested in a 30 minute discovery session then let me know. geraldf@qcsolver.ca


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