I believe it is important to share as much knowledge as I can and I know […]
There are plenty of times and reasons to use one technique versus another. Ravi Nishant created this nice […]
I particularly like the concept of a self-serve portal. It is amazing that suppliers who deal […]
The Procurement League put together this one-pager. I remember the days when I was allowed to bring in […]
I believe I have a sense of humor and a unique perspective on business and life […]
It has been a while since I posted an article that was previously posted by Rachelle Hare and […]
Shyam Sundar🏅created this nice little reminder. Facility Managers are often understaffed and they are way too […]
This one is dedicated to Marty Luciw. Over the last two years, I have had a number […]
Tom published this #procurement terms document last week and I thought that not only would I give him […]
The concept is where someone actually answers the phone right away versus keeping you in “phone […]
Soon we will be adding a couple of new functions in QCsolver Inc. and I thought I would […]
I am seeing a lot of companies that are trying to overcome their internal challenges by […]
It would seem to me that just maybe there is too much emphasis on driving down […]
I have agreed to help several individuals who showed me they have what I needed to […]
I saw this poster and thought it might inspire a few more to dedicate just a […]