Soon we will be adding a couple of new functions in QCsolver Inc. and I thought I would mention one now and a bit later in the month, we will be making another major announcement.

I would like to thank Taras Korec, M.B.A., P.ENG., P.LOG., CSCMP for his insights on this topic.

During the Request for Proposal process, the supplier is requested to provide a copy of their financial statements. Then the paperwork is filed and rarely looked at again.

Now fast forward and interest rates are rising, work slows down and the supplier’s cash flow dries up as they try to keep their employees employed. Payments are delayed and then avoided. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that this is happening versus waiting until the supplier goes bankrupt?

QCsolver Inc. will be allowing our clients and members to get an early warning signal right on our Control Panel/Dashboard which we maintain on behalf of all of our users.


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