I have a recommendation for everyone that is looking for a job. I want to suggest […]
Sep 30 is National Truth and Reconciliation Day. I thought that in recognition, I would share […]
Here is another document created by Ravi Nishant. What might be missing is that when creating the […]
Although this was created in 2018, I believe it is still relevant as a learning tool. […]
So, let me spill the beans on why this particular image was handpicked to symbolize our […]
On Monday, I posted about the concept of cherry-picking. Here are a few others that you […]
You might have noticed my announcement yesterday about adding another skilled individual to our QCsolver team. […]
This expression refers to messy data from variations in spelling or input—Chihuahua is easy to misspell. […]
In the supply chain world, it often means picking the best based on price. For instance, […]
On August 7th, I published content on 7 tough interview questions and their answers. Did you […]
I am seeing many instances where individuals say that they and their organization are doing strategic […]
What I am is a supply chain professional who loves what I do. And I am […]
Many people who update their profile using QCsolver are either in construction or the trade/services area. […]
I had found Brazzlocks 3 years ago, and I was impressed by their level of service. […]
The first ingredient you will need is time and lots of it. Being an expert does […]