I have a recommendation for everyone that is looking for a job. I want to suggest that you especially look at contract placements. I know what you are thinking. I take the job, and then they let me go right away, and I miss out on my dream job. I would argue that a short engagement that builds your skills and network is much better for your career than waiting for the perfect role.

You will often find that the organization continues to offer you extensions in your contract.

Here are several reasons why an organization would post a contract versus a full-time role.

In my experience, it often concerns the archaic method of allocating expenses. A manager might not have the money for an employee but does have funds for a contractor.

I have had three contract roles that started off small. The first one was for a month, and the relationship lasted over 10 years. That is not a typo. The second was for 3 months and lasted 33 months. The third role was only supposed to be for a single month, and that one lasted almost 7 years. My current one would be for 3 years starting in 2017, and I will continue working with them until 2025.

So the next time you see a contract job, determine if what you will do and learn is worth the risk.


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