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April 2023 – QCsolver
I was visiting someone last week, and all I wanted to do was call them and […]
Here is a friendly reminder, and it fits with my most recent posts involving the number […]
Sorry I don’t remember where I found this, so if you recognize this chart, then please […]
I have been told that I get things done and I don’t have to do it […]
I try and find the good in a lot of situations. Before the pandemic, many people […]
Hindsight is always 100% right, and a survey of 1 is always 100% right. It is […]
This graphic shows the 7 different types of product managers/owners. The role that I like and […]
I often hear people say that change is hard. Yet change is constant, and you can […]
Where or where do I get my ideas? One excellent place is to review the articles […]
I tend to change because it is time. I love working on new projects and extreme […]
It has always been a challenge. You need experience to get a job, and you need […]
It is that time of the year when people are looking at their requirements for the […]
Why would someone resist something that is FREE? For the last couple of months, I have […]
Fundamentally everyone strongly desires to be part of something greater than themselves. We show the world […]
Everyone focuses on data but struggles to figure out how to visualize what it is saying, […]