It has always been a challenge. You need experience to get a job, and you need a job to gain experience. So how about we get all levels of government to work together? If you hire a candidate(definition to be determined), Revenue Canada will mail you a rebate cheque.

All the data is there, but one department currently offers the rebates and the paperwork, and the other department taxes you. So if you hire, you get the money, but the paperwork is challenging.

Now we get the School Board, City Government, Chamber of Commerce and Post Secondary institution in your community to work together to encourage co-ops, internships, work terms, industry days, etc. I didn’t forget the provincial or regional government. They would have to be built into the equation, but the first example is easier to visualize.

Each group will get an incentive to encourage the hiring. We claw back a percentage of their grant and give it back if they make their targets. When they exceed their targets (to be calculated), then I think they might deserve more money from the other areas that couldn’t or wouldn’t work together for the good of the community.

What we seem to have now is duplication, redundancy, excessive paperwork, poor systems and data that can’t be shared.

Somewhat radical thoughts are needed if you genuinely want to see a change for the future.


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