According to Visual Capitalist, these are the areas that are going to be impacted by ChatGPT. […]
Several organizations are looking to update or upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software based on […]
The total cost of ownership is often overlooked. Purchases are sometimes made at the lowest cost, […]
I couldn’t find an image that was easier to read, but the concept and showing the […]
If you have taken a few business courses, I am sure you have heard of Porter. […]
Oh my goodness and I thought I was busy and had a lot to do.
Putting information into quadrants allows you to determine trends and areas where you may be looking. […]
Sorry I don’t remember where I found this, so if you recognize this chart, then please […]
I tend to change because it is time. I love working on new projects and extreme […]
It has always been a challenge. You need experience to get a job, and you need […]
It is that time of the year when people are looking at their requirements for the […]
Why would someone resist something that is FREE? For the last couple of months, I have […]
Everyone focuses on data but struggles to figure out how to visualize what it is saying, […]
What has bothered me the most are the challenges supply chain professionals have with poor-performing suppliers. […]
This isn’t a new concept; it has been around for a while. Later today, I will […]