Every organization faces the same challenges. Departments are set up in silos and the exchange of […]
I have always made it a practice to be consistent in how I described something. For […]
I am fond of titles that are a bit different. I also enjoy explaining the why, […]
There are so many people now more than ever that are starting to think about starting […]
There is so much bad information that is circulating. This is why I enjoy it when […]
One comment that I get is that I might tend to post too much. While others […]
I went to school to be a history teacher. When I graduated from Western, there weren’t […]
Thankfully, I no longer have to apply for jobs. I am very happy with what I […]
In order to catch a thief you actually have to think like one. Supplier fraud isn’t […]
Here is an idea that I have used a lot over the years. Create your own […]
The image below is a world made of Lego. Sometimes, I think about terms and ideas […]
I would consider myself to be more on the optimistic side or maybe just being a […]
It is the 13th but it isn’t a Friday. So today is a very lucky day. […]
Two areas on this visual caught my attention. The first one was about big, intuitive, insightful […]
I would like to give credit to KPMG for putting together this fantastic visual. As always, […]