I would like to give credit to KPMG for putting together this fantastic visual. As always, what caught my eye was a page on Insights & Analytics.

Take a look for yourself and I am sure that you will see a number of areas that have seen greater scrutiny. Procure to Pay is one of the areas that have seen a lot of advancements which isn’t specifically mentioned in this visual.

For me, I try and stick to the fundamentals. If your foundation isn’t solid then you can’t build a house.

If your data is full of errors then any decision you make could be faulty.

I have been advocating for more courses in supply chain that cover data structure and analytics. It is happening, although maybe slower than I would like.

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We take care of the top part of the image while you spend your time doing the rest. Maybe this will make you curious enough to reach out. If you need more information then feel free to contact us. Thirty minutes talking to us just might save you a lot of time and effort.

Here is the full article if you need it. https://home.kpmg/…/2021/10/future-of-procurement-2021.pdf



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