Two areas on this visual caught my attention. The first one was about big, intuitive, insightful data or should I say lack of it for most organization.

The other one was about “twice as much with half the resources”.

Thankfully KPMG gave us a clue which is “self-service as the norm”.

Ask yourself this one question. Who in your organization is responsible for keeping your corporate information up to date and accurate? If the person who owns the data (suppliers) inputted their own data then wouldn’t the data by default be more accurate?

I was talking to someone the other day and asked them the same question regarding how the data gets into the system. The answer was “it depends but it is decentralized”. I then asked “how to do you know if everything is right”. The answer was “I trust that it is”.

I love the concept of trust but the realist in me knows that mistakes happen, things get missed and some individuals are better doing certain tasks versus others.

Other than using a third party application like QCsolver (supplier self serve and centralized reporting) you might also want to think about this concept.

Find the people who love to do what others don’t. Take away tasks that your staff don’t like to do and fill the time with things that they do.



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