This is for those who don’t know, a few that have forgotten and a refresher for […]
You know that your data is in the cloud. But where is the cloud you use? […]
I would concentrate on project management skills and tools. Here is an excellent place to start […]
This morning I posted about creating a justification document and how hard it was to get […]
Often times I see requests for bids for items or services where only one supplier can […]
It is hard to accomplish things if there are too many meetings. It is even more […]
Use this the next time they ask you what you do.
I went with the low bid and did not check references
Everyone that I talk to says no. They could always use more. Here is an interesting […]
Here is an excellent visual that will provide you with a few hints regarding what you […]
The only consistent thing in life is change. Why do I think 2023 is going to […]
One area of supply chain that has seen explosive growth is Logistics and Freight. Here are […]
Yet there are a few that perhaps are best left unsaid. Thank you,, for the […]
In my previous post, I mentioned Excel. Here is a chart that I found that shows […]
This term is the latest buzzword that everyone is talking about. What I find strange is […]