During the course of my career, I have always had a passion for technology and what […]
This post is mainly for those that are new to supply chain or those that enjoy […]
The company is Home Hardware and the year was 1980. I had just started my supply […]
So much to learn and so little time. Most people hate making mistakes, and I don’t […]
This is the first of what is going to be a series. The intent is to […]
This is for all of my US friends. Happy Thanksgiving.
Fear of rejection is learned at a very young age. The single most dominant word in […]
There is so much more when it comes to procurement. Most of it is not seen […]
If you are lucky or good, then you might not be suffering from the no-bid challenge. […]
Simply, I make a lot of mistakes. Thankfully not the same one over and over. I […]
Often times this caption could be reversed. Brand new hardware running software that was created in […]
The data might be old, yet; the challenges are the same. What do you need to […]
This phrase is my tribute to the Beatles. When you repeat the words, then you hear […]
Gartner has issued their Peer insights on 2022 priorities, and there are no surprises. Supply chain […]
It is hard to be “up” and optimistic all the time. Sometimes things just get to […]