If you are lucky or good, then you might not be suffering from the no-bid challenge. No-bid is where either your current supplier or one that could be your supplier decides to pass on an opportunity.

Here is an excellent excerpt from a NIGP white paper, and they found 10 reasons why this happens.

What I know from experience is that going over this list with your team is only the first step. Constant communication with the suppliers is the key to success. Find out what you could do to make the sales process more efficient for them. Talk to them about the timing of the bid process.

You can’t be passive and accept that posting a bid is all you need to do. What you should be doing is conducting review sessions with the suppliers to get their feedback. Make sure that they get a notice of the posting.

I can vouch from experience that I have known about a posting and could not find it on the bidding site because of the project title or poor description. Imagine what it is like to be a supplier that has to check multiple sites and figure out if the opportunity is something that they could do.

Here is a link for the full report in case you need it.



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