I found this wonderful summary that shows just a few of the supply chain designations that […]
I try and make sure that I only post content that is in the public domain. […]
Efrata Denny has put together another well thought our handout. I am so glad that I […]
Well it isn’t much of a secret if Efrata Denny continues to publish. There were a […]
This handout from the Procurement League on Procurement Principles fits with what I am looking for. […]
There are a number of individuals that produce some great content and this week I am […]
Tom Mills creates a lot of great content that he willingly shares with is connections. #Category […]
Over the last few years Ravi Nishant has created some excellent handout and this is one […]
Ravi Nishant produces some of the best summaries for topics that are complex yet he makes […]
Last month was procurement month and there were a lot of posts celebrating the month. I […]
I am sure that there are a lot of people that do and there are a […]
This is a term that I heard and used a while back. Which is why I […]
Number two is legal. Which is to say that fraud has been around for a long […]
For way too many years I struggled to answer when people asked me what I did […]
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services put together this 43 page document which outlines how to […]