The concept is called Freemium. The term is used when you give something for free and […]
According to Visual Capitalist, these are the areas that are going to be impacted by ChatGPT. […]
When it comes to supply chain this isn’t a simple answer. If this were a test, […]
Often times I see requests for bids for items or services where only one supplier can […]
Use this the next time they ask you what you do.
Here is an excellent visual that will provide you with a few hints regarding what you […]
This term is the latest buzzword that everyone is talking about. What I find strange is […]
This visual is if you genuinely believe in supplier development. The person I admire the most […]
2023 may be the year of the ERP refresh. I thought I would help by showcasing […]
I have 3 kids. Let’s name them RFI, RFQ and RFP. Maybe you have the same […]
I saw this article and thought I had better share it with my network. You should […]
Yours will be different. I want to suggest that if you want to find extra time […]
So much information is needed to make a great decision. I believe it is time for […]
It still comes down to referrals when selecting a contractor. Wouldn’t it be great if there […]