Most of the time, I plan on being funny. Other times I am spontaneous. I enjoy […]
Every week our team at QCsolver does brainstorming sessions. We aren’t worried about creating “new” solutions. […]
Finding out what you don’t know by making the request formal versus simply talking to various […]
I just finished 5 days of posting and sharing information I thought you would enjoy. Based […]
You just celebrated their special day, and this visual will give you all the hints you […]
I was away with some friends and sitting down, not thinking of anything in particular. One […]
I was visiting someone last week, and all I wanted to do was call them and […]
Hindsight is always 100% right, and a survey of 1 is always 100% right. It is […]
It has always been a challenge. You need experience to get a job, and you need […]
Everyone focuses on data but struggles to figure out how to visualize what it is saying, […]
It would seem that my supply chain cat is now an internet sensation. With over 3,000 […]
One of my early jobs was with IBM Canada, and I did demand forecasting. I am […]
Weirdly, some of us might blindly follow when logic dictates that perhaps you should think about […]
My cat is not happy with my just-in-time inventory method. He has decided it makes more […]