I am proud to say that we never hear this when QCsolver Inc. is working with […]
I thought I would do a Saturday funny and combine a number of sayings and images […]
For way too many years I struggled to answer when people asked me what I did […]
This will resonate with a few of you.
In my case, I always get the first step right. I do have challenges of not […]
This week all I wanted to do was finish with a smile. As I write this, […]
I thought everyone could use a good laugh today. After all, this was most likely your […]
Every day I post, I try to determine what you need to know. Amazingly, I get […]
Have you ever noticed how our attention spans these days are like a squirrel with a […]
I do hope this brings you a smile. All too often, things get lost in translation.
I believe I have a sense of humor and a unique perspective on business and life […]
The concept is where someone actually answers the phone right away versus keeping you in “phone […]
Monday is a holiday where I am from. This means that on Friday or even Thursday […]
I hope we don’t have to go back to when every day and every hour was […]
In fact, I do so much research that I have multiple folders based on the topic. […]