I only wish that someone would have shared this type of information when I started my […]
Every day I post, I try to determine what you need to know. Amazingly, I get […]
The Procurement League produces some excellent visuals and I have posted a few of these in the past. […]
A few have asked but writing a book is hard work. My skill is finding what […]
The way it has always been done is by reading their resume and looking at their […]
A few weeks ago I posted a cheat sheet that a lot of people downloaded. I […]
Michael Asner has spent years learning and teaching and he published this document a while back and […]
If you are looking for a job, I suggest you look at this site. https://ow.ly/SE2450Q6Geq
Have you ever noticed how our attention spans these days are like a squirrel with a […]
There is a trend that has been predicted over the last 20 years or more. It […]
I am often asked this question and the challenge is that we tend to do so […]
Everyone complains but few have the system to properly manage the challenge. I did a survey […]
Larry Berglund stands for Enthusiastic, Sharing, and Generous. On a regular basis, I get an update from […]
This is a question I ask a lot when I mentor a new Canadian. I am […]
A number of people that I know are feeling a bit burnt out. I found this […]