The strength of a great Supplier Relationship Management #srm program is all about the amount and frequency that you communicate with your suppliers. This is the last of the #pdca posts. It is all about the results.

You need to do more than just place orders or get them to respond to an RFP. You need to engage with them and learn their business and they in turn will be in a better position to provide sound counseling and feedback.

CAPS Research is one of my top trusted advisors. Their surveys and data are insightful and useful. Page 6 is my favorite. If I have a choice I will always pick an in-person meeting versus leaning on technology and forms.

I prefer to have a few of my colleagues engaged in these meetings. I position myself where I can observe the reactions of both sides of the discussion. I am often the quietest person in the room. I am studying body language, tones, and nuances. I am observing what is not said versus what is being said. I am using my two eyes and 2 ears and not depending on my one mouth.

Our QCsolver Inc. supplier management platform and services could be your trusted advisor. Helping you speed up the process, reduce your challenges, hone your skills, and allow you to shine.


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