In this CAPS Research Image you can see the effort needed in order to capture the […]
What has been happening for a while is that the debt to GDP ratio has been […]
I was thinking. Lately, I have creating some new reports for Kinetic so that we can […]
If you are thinking of upgrading your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) then you should take a […]
Last week I mentioned how much I know because of my network. Now I am going […]
I can keep a secret! This was my most difficult secret to keep and I can’t […]
This visual is from KPMG that can be found in their Future of Procurement report (2021). […]
Supply chain has a lot of risks and I started to think about what they were. […]
I was talking to a fellow supply chain professional regarding what would happen if both QCsolver […]
I love catchy titles. I also, as most of you know enjoy a great infographics. When […]
Are you an individual that only connects with people you know? You might even be the […]
I enjoy taking a phrase and seeing how I can connect the dots. I also enjoy […]
Everyone in supply chain knows FOB or Free on Board. So then what is FBO? It […]
Configurable: customizable; permitting rearrangement or adjustment. People often have an opinion yet they don’t always express […]
I often find inspiration in a number of places. This one is courtesy of the National […]