This visual is from KPMG that can be found in their Future of Procurement report (2021).

There is so much in the visual that is going to have an impact on the Supply Chain profession.

I enjoy learning about a word that encapsulates what I have been thinking for years. Disintermediated: reduces or eliminates the use of intermediaries between producers and consumers. Should some of these efficiencies as outlined in the report occur as predicted then will you have a job?

My answer is of course. Take advantage of automation (QCsolver) and a learn how to be more relevant. Look for potential situations so you can interact with others and meet with your suppliers and stakeholders as much as you can. Take advantage of Kinetic’s trade complaint contracts. Switch from being the person who takes care of the process, to the person who has the ideas, tools, resources and connections. Help manage and grow the people you work with and stop working on the paperwork!

So much can and will be removed from your job and what can’t be removed is the need to interact with others. This is how you stay relevant and employed.

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