I was talking to a fellow supply chain professional regarding what would happen if both QCsolver and Kinetic continued to expand so quickly. How would each organization handle the increased workload?

Here is one page of ideas from CAPS research that might want to review. https://www.capsresearch.org/

One thing that I have done is picked an office location that allowed for the potential of growth. There is extra office space in my building just in case I need it.

I also made sure that I kept in mind an idea that my friend Jim Eagle had. He made sure that his business was within walking distance of the local high school. Potential talent can be found there and in fact one individual that started with my company as a High School coop is working for us full time after graduating from College.

Our office is also 7 minutes by car and on a bus root so that students from Conestoga College are able to get to work easily.

I tend to hire Interns that have completed the first year of College and are looking for part time work. They get between 10 and 15 hours of work and experience and I get the ability of having a flexible and happy workforce.

I tend to find it easy to hire talent because I am always looking.

I even find talent when I am not looking. A while back, I was speaking at an Conestoga College event and a young lady came to me after the session and said “I am going to work for you.” She did and after a few career stops she came back to work with me and she is one of my greatest assets.

There isn’t a shortage of talent. Instead of finding some who has done the job, find someone who has the drive, attitude and ability and give them a chance.



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