I love catchy titles. I also, as most of you know enjoy a great infographics.

When looking for a job most people are simply not taking advantage of hidden areas where jobs can be found. Most look on either Indeed and LinkedIn for their next opportunity.

Years ago people used to look in the newspapers where only 5 to 10% of the jobs were listed.

The same is true now. On line postings are only a fraction of the jobs available. If you are looking for a job you have to expand your horizons. Make sure that your resume is with every recruiter out there.

Then take a look at the other areas and see who in your network matches the descriptions as outlined in the graphics below. They for sure can help!

Over the years I have taken on all 5 roles. Today I am NOT a recruiter. Rather, I am someone who sees jobs and re-posts them for the enjoyment of others. Thanks to Abiodun E. Oke for previously posting the visual.



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