I was thinking.

Lately, I have creating some new reports for Kinetic so that we can track how well we are doing. After all if you don’t measure you cannot improve. Which got me thinking about how much time I have spent working with and analyzing data.

As you can see from the image below, I maybe have been working with data tools for a while. In the 80’s it was Borland dbase and then when I went to IBM, I was using DB2. Fun fact, while at IBM, I wrote a query so complex (at the time) that I crashed the servers. After leaving IBM in 1993, I started to use Microsoft Access 1.0.

In 2008, I discovered Hyperion which allowed me to visualize data and discover trends.

Now I am using Tableau which makes it a lot easier to create and share reporting. The only drawback is that a lot of time needs to be spent “cleaning” the data. The other challenge that I see is that those that understand the data might not be technical and those that are technical might not understand the data.

Everyone know that supply chain produces a lot of data. What we need to realize is that we also need to produce individuals that have the skills and aptitude to take advantage of the data tools.

If you have used any of the products listed below then leave a comment and tell me how you used the program and when. I am sure that there has to be a few interesting stories to share.



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