If you are thinking of upgrading your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) then you should take a look at these three (3) pillars on what to do.

What I know, is that clean data is the most critical first step to a successful ERP implementation. This part of the project can take a lot of time, effort and money.

Here is where QCsolver can help you with our automated processes and our extra supply chain support staff and here are things for you consider.

Supplier self-service and attestation
Validating the supplier data at the time of on-boarding and ongoing
Create new controls to govern your process
Identify, inactivate or merge all the duplicate records
Correct invalid data
Complete the missing data and update the old data
Mitigating vendor fraud and avoidable risks

Each ERP supplier will want to help you with the clean up process or you might try and do this clean up using your existing staff. There is going to be a large cost to get this done and time spent that could be used somewhere else. The skill that you want to develop is to know the data versus fixing the data.

If your supply chain data needs a little bit of Tender Loving Care then maybe the first place to start is to talk to us.




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