Everyone in supply chain knows FOB or Free on Board. So then what is FBO? It is an acronym that I have used a lot over the years. It stands for Flashes of the Blindingly Obvious. Those ideas or concepts that once you hear them you wonder why you didn’t think of it.

Now let’s take a very simple concept. You have 100 companies that are working with the same supplier. Each company has a supplier record that has to be maintained by at least 3 people (accounting, supply Chain & 1 other). Every supplier has to update each of their customers. Now on a piece of paper calculate how much time is spent doing this exercise. Don’t worry it will be a big number.

Why not instead, have the suppliers update one database and allow the data to “flow” or be imported in every other company’s ERP or accounting system. I call this concept “one touch, only touch” or QCSolver. Do it once and do it right.

This is the main premise of QCsolver. A master supplier database that allows information to be shared as long as the permissions have been authorized.

QCsolver’s staff helps with the remote monitoring and management so you don’t have to.



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