Every organization is striving to increase efficiencies and one of the best ways to accomplish this is to use outside resources.

Suppliers are now considered partners and trusted advisors. They get to see how great operations are managed. They are also in a unique position and are able to experience the transformation of the challenged companies that begin their journey to success.

PwC created this fantastic 44-page document. This document will help you lay the foundation for your own program. Your challenge will be how to implement the concepts and ideas within your own organization.

QCsolver Inc. has been working hard over the last 60 days and we have now launched a new program. What we have done is gathered a group of experts that will allow us to provide even greater value.

QCsolver will be providing the technical skills while the others will contribute by adding their own experiences and knowledge. To learn more please go to https://lnkd.in/gKYX2HTk

This week’s series will help you with your #pdca. Today is about #planning, tomorrow is about #doing, Wednesday is about #checking and Thursday is about #acting. Friday of course will show you the result you should be able to achieve.

I am expecting that this series will be interactive and with any luck it will help a lot of you.


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