The way it has always been done is by reading their resume and looking at their LinkedIn profile.

Then if by chance they have listed what you are looking for then you set up an interview.

You ask a series of questions to a candidate who is trying their best to understand the best way to answer. The results aren’t always satisfying for either party.

I have another unique way of learning more and I will give you an example.

Bharath Reddy Goli, MBA reached out to me on Linkedin and wanted to gain some help understanding the Canadian job landscape. We connected and chatted and I thought that he was someone that I might be able to assist.

He wanted to network more and I offered to drive him to the November 9th SCMAO holiday event held in Mississauga. The ride there took 1 hour and 45 minutes so there were lots of opportunities to talk. I learned that Bharath wanted to volunteer and SCMAO needed an ambassador for the KW area. I introduced Bharath to Kim Sforza and now it is up to them to determine if there is a fit.

The ride back was even more interesting in here is the secret method. I didn’t ask questions. I had Bharath ask as many questions as he would like. What impressed me was the type and quality of the questions. I got to learn his thinking methodology and who he was as an individual.

I am often asked how I determine if I am willing to hire someone. The easiest answer is the hardest to execute. Spend time with the person.

With any luck this post will get one of you interested in learning more and then reaching out to Bharath and setting up an interview. I am positive you will not be disappointed.


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