I found this image that I just had to share. I will do what I can […]
Every week our team at QCsolver does brainstorming sessions. We aren’t worried about creating “new” solutions. […]
Finding out what you don’t know by making the request formal versus simply talking to various […]
According to Visual Capitalist, these are the areas that are going to be impacted by ChatGPT. […]
I was away with some friends and sitting down, not thinking of anything in particular. One […]
We took the plunge and hired 2 IT Developer Interns today. They are in the Co-op […]
The term is Ikigai, and it is Japanese. Like everyone else, I am looking for what […]
I have been told that I get things done and I don’t have to do it […]
Hindsight is always 100% right, and a survey of 1 is always 100% right. It is […]
I often hear people say that change is hard. Yet change is constant, and you can […]
I tend to change because it is time. I love working on new projects and extreme […]
Why would someone resist something that is FREE? For the last couple of months, I have […]
Fundamentally everyone strongly desires to be part of something greater than themselves. We show the world […]
Everyone focuses on data but struggles to figure out how to visualize what it is saying, […]
I will take tomorrow an eliminate as much stress as possible day. I will do what […]