The way it has always been done is by reading their resume and looking at their […]
Everyone complains but few have the system to properly manage the challenge. I did a survey […]
A number of people that I know are feeling a bit burnt out. I found this […]
It isn’t always about using technology to solve supply chain problems. What is often needed is […]
There are plenty of times and reasons to use one technique versus another. Ravi Nishant created this nice […]
I particularly like the concept of a self-serve portal. It is amazing that suppliers who deal […]
I am seeing a lot of companies that are trying to overcome their internal challenges by […]
I have agreed to help several individuals who showed me they have what I needed to […]
I saw this poster and thought it might inspire a few more to dedicate just a […]
This week has a theme; hopefully, you will guess what it is. Everywhere I go, there […]
Too often, I see teams that are way too in sync. It is almost as if […]
I found this excellent visual by and I have never seen this information assembled in this manner. […]
Everything that you end up buying needs to be compared to something else. This is one […]
In fact, I do so much research that I have multiple folders based on the topic. […]
This one-pager is from It is easy to visualize. At, we started to use […]