This is the first of what is going to be a series. The intent is to showcase a special and unique organization.

Back in 1999, I was teaching a problem solving course at Conestoga College. I had one bright individual in the class that was always asking questions. Ted Lange was an exceptional individual and always open to new ideas.

I got a chance to talk to Tim Culliton (now President) in 2000 and we have been connected since then. Tim gave me the great opportunity of helping him take Culliton to the next growth level.

We researched and installed a new ERP computer system, did some employee reviews and restructuring, eliminated surplus stock and had a great time and learning experience. It should be noted that Culliton’ s has been a pillar of the Stratford community, for years supporting the local hockey team, volunteering with the Rotary Club and donating to several charities.

Their search for efficiencies allowed them to think outside of the box and develop an agile approach to construction projects. They even graciously allowed me to visit and learn how agile enabled them to be even be more competitive and quality conscious in the difficult world of construction.

It is hard to believe that 22 years has passed and that I have remained connected and an advocate of Culliton’ s. Maybe not so hard to believe after all, since shared believes, interests and mutual respect can easily span the years.

Thank you Tim Culliton and team for all that you do!



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