I am fond of titles that are a bit different. I also enjoy explaining the why, to those that haven’t had the chance to experience certain scenarios. I believe that I might have the gift of explaining properly different concepts and ideas, and I was able to develop this skill after spending 34 years teaching at Conestoga College.

The first supply chain pain that I would like to cover is insurance documentation and coverage. What most supply chain departments do is collect the information at the beginning or during the contract process. Soon after the document is to be delegated or forgotten.

Should an accident happen then it is a mad scramble to find the much-needed paperwork. Only to find that there are errors in the document/coverage.

An example would be a situation where a contractor was negligent in putting up scaffolding. Their trucks backs into the job site and everything comes falling down. Some on people and some on other buildings. The damage is $15m and the contractor only has $5m in coverage or no coverage at all. What happens next is called joint and severable liability. A wronged party may sue any or all of them, and collect the total damages awarded by a court from any or all of them. You need to worry as you are going to be on the hook.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way of limiting the potential damages by ensuring as best you can that companies working on your site have the proper documentation in place? This is one of the pillars of pain that QCsolver was created to address.



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