It is that time of the year when people are looking at their requirements for the next year and wondering how they are supposed to do more with less. Some will put in the same number as last year and hope for the best that the cuts will be quick and somewhat painless. Some will do some advanced work, trim in a few areas, and be ok with any luck.

Only a brave few will start looking around and determining if there is another way. Can they leverage small dollars and effort and get huge returns on their investment?

Right now, I am putting together an initiative that can help. Whether it is the “Looking for a few good projects” initiative or making changes to QCsolver to allow for a new low introductory package, we are trying to help. We are even considering bundling modules that make outsourcing even more cost-effective.

All these changes and initiatives will only work if they are being considered. So what have you to lose by asking, “Is there a better way?”


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