I was visiting someone last week, and all I wanted to do was call them and let them know that I had arrived and wanted to know where in this huge building we were to meet.

I phoned the number and went into what I would call voice system heck. There were what seemed to be 5 minutes of instructions. Information about various events and notifications someone thought I would be interested in. Thankfully I had their cell phone number.

Other times I try and call a number based on a challenge I have with an online service. I get an automated message instructing me to go to their website for the answer. When I talk to a person, I get asked for my information, then transferred to another contact person who transfers me again and then I have to give my information once again.

Can you relate?

This kind of challenge is why at both Kinetic GPO and QCsolver, we have someone answer our office phone. Maybe automation is cheaper but you can’t put a price on good customer service.


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