Fundamentally everyone strongly desires to be part of something greater than themselves. We show the world a bit of ourselves through what we do and who we are connected to. I thought about what I have accomplished by having a vast network.

This is what I have determined (not necessarily in order).

Helped more than a few people at least get a chance to find a new job by doing some introductions.

Gained insights into what is happening in Supply Chain in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Learned a lot more by reviewing some of the material posted daily.

I kept in touch or at least was more aware of when some of my closer connections either gained recognition in their own company or advanced elsewhere.

Facilitated the sharing of information received from organizations that vastly deserved more visibility.

Expanded my business into a new market (China) and potentially into another one (The Caribbean)

I met many new people who have assisted me in accomplishing a lot more than I could have done on my own.

Did several introductions for those needed that little bit of extra help.

Everyone has a reason. I hope you liked mine.


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