There is a lot of services that companies use where they outsource certain job functions. I have seen it done for Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and IT.

What I haven’t seen is a similar offering for procurement. Perhaps it is because people in the profession have a “can do” attitude. Maybe they don’t believe that they can afford a service that they truly need. It could be that they fear losing their job.

I would like to suggest that moving certain tasks to others is the smart thing to do. It frees up your time to work on value added tasks. It allows you the opportunity to engage with your internal stakeholders rather than get encumbered with administrivia.

QCsolver already offers procurement as a service. We will assist you with your vendor onboarding and management. We will keep you organized so you don’t miss important dates. Our staff will assist with posting of bids and managing the process on your behalf.

The advantage we have is that we have automated a lot of the process. We have years of experience in the various aspects of supply chain. We are located close to where we can find extra talent to help out.

If you are overworked, overwhelmed and can’t find or get the help you need then why not at least give us a call. The Future as a service is here. Email me at


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