This is for those that are trying to implement a new ERP system. Or maybe you are considering making a change to your systems. Keep this in mind when or if you do.

At the start of the project, you can always get the troops to rally around the idea. Once you start to implement then a few start to realize that what they knew might not be applicable. That they have to learn something new and it is hard.

At some point, a lot of people want to give up. Everything is taking longer, mistakes are happening and people are getting frustrated.

Then it happens. Not all at once but the first glimmer appears. One person not only gets it but becomes the champion. Careful, as it isn’t always the person you thought who take the lead.

Now what you need to do is nurture that one individual or group. Help keep the momentum growing. Don’t use them immediately to show other groups and/or departments how it is done. Trust me the resistance to chance will simply increase.

It is going to take at least 4 months before you see the results you need. It might be quicker and it will for most. I use 4 months because if you aren’t seeing success after 1 month, you start to second guess your self.

Along the way you will see progress which will then accelerate. I saw process this first hand a number of years ago. The company had 120 employees and they were doing about $30m in sales. I helped them plan, design and implement the process. After a rocky 4 month and 5 years later they were able to double their sales and didn’t have to increase their workforce.

I would say that this is how I would measure success for this particular project. The learning pit tackled successfully.



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