The course that I loved to teach the most was “How to deal with difficult people”. Now what I would like you to do is think of this person and why did you find them difficult.

I do have one observation that I would like you to think about. That one difficult person may only be difficult with you. Which to me simply means, you do not understand them and you, for some reason want them to change.

Here are four examples of difficult individuals you will likely face in the workforce. The trick here is to recognize what they are doing and then ask yourself why are you reacting to them negatively. I know I do tend to ask why a lot. I have had a lot of success with using that one word so why quit now.

Understanding the person does not change them. It simply changes the way they impact you.

I would strongly suggest that if you get a chance take the course “How to deal with difficult people” or read the book. The coping skills that you will learn will be much more valuable than most of the courses that you might be considering.



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