I love acronyms. This is one that I heard in the early 80s. It stood for Managing By Walking Around. A simple process of going to where the work was being done and seeing what was happening. Spending less time at your desk and more time with the people whose jobs you might be able to positively impact.

For some reason in the 90s the practice was considered old and not as effective as some other and newer techniques.

It is now in vogue again. You may know it by another name. A GEMBA walk is more or less the same as MBWA. Here are the 11 steps and what you should do if these walks are to be effective and productive.

Last week, I heard a Supply Chain Canada webinar sponsored by Kinetic. The two fire chat speakers (Michelle Palmer & Tina Iacoe) were a delight to listen to.

They talked about their early years of MBWA and how to this day they stress that in order to effectively work with others that you have to spend time with them.

I do hope that this reminder and that attached process stimulates you into giving this method a try. Trust me you won’t regret it.



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