I have a lot of people that I know and there are a few that pay a lot of attention to detail. They would have wondered what happened to 3 of 4.

The delay in the posting was planned. The 3rd pain is the lack of attention to detail or not noticing missing information.

Over the last several weeks, I have been coached by others that QCsolver needed a stronger call to action which is why I am doing this post.

The latest rage is giving someone a challenge and I decided to create my own 15 minute supply chain challenge.

Take 10 suppliers/contractors at random that you currently work with. Have your staff gather in your office or on a video call. Give them your list and have them provide you with the following: copy of the latest valid insurance policy for the supplier, copy of the supplier’s WSIB certificate of clearance, the executed and signed contract, the RFP/RFSO documents and the supplier’s submission and lastly the name, company and email address of one of the organizations that provided the supplier with a work reference.

If your staff can do all of this in 15 minutes or less then you don’t need any help. If they weren’t able to provide the information or not in a timely manner then why not give us a call?

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